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9th April 2020: Despite being in lockdown for weeks I am still in business with no health problems, so please send your enquiries and orders to me as usual.  I am not likely to run out of amulets or other magical goods as I tend to order these online from the big distributors now. To all who are reading this, I hope that you are free from the disease and able to cope in these trying circumstances.  I trust that you are all taking precautions like frequent handwashing and social distancing. I realise that during the current Covid-19 pandemic many people may be feeling that our world has been forsaken by God, especially if they have caught the coronavirus or have lost loved ones to it, but I assure you that this is not the case.  There is a grand purpose to this crisis which I shall reveal to anyone who asks me.  Like other self-employed people who work from home and have little else to do while shut indoors, I am processing orders and enquiries seven days a week so please get in touch. I would love to hear from you.

24/1/15: Welcome to my new website! Considering that I’ve been advertising for decades in the original Prediction Magazine and elsewhere, I’m amazed that I waited until 2015 to finally get a site of my own, but better late than never!  You’ll notice that I’m finally using up-to-date photos of myself in my forties on this website, a bit wrinkly but still happy.   Thank you to all my loyal long-term clients who have corresponded with me over the years, sending off for regular readings or packages of magical goods which I have enjoyed putting together for you.  I’m glad to have helped you over all this time, and grateful for your custom which has allowed me to keep going as a mystic.  I look forward to serving you all well over the years to come.  Do get in touch and let me know what you think of my website! 


I don’t have a links page to similar sites yet because other long-established mystics tend to either have all the links they want, or they don’t link to other sites because they want their website to stand on its own.  However, if anyone is interested in linking to my site then do let me know. You don’t have to be a practicing mystic but it would be nice if your site had a theme which complimented mine nicely, eg: New Age Art or music, magical products like incense, crystals, occult books, jewelry and so on.


*If you Googled my website address then you may have noticed plenty of other Angelica Golds on the search list which have nothing to do with myself.  I am not on Facebook, YouTube or Twitter and I am not connected to any of those jewellery or homeware sites!   I only have two websites with HostPapa and for double the internet coverage.


One of the other sites which may come up in a Google search of my name is called Sceptical Letter Writer. In 2010 a man called Ron Lewis complained to the advertising authorities about absolutely everyone with beliefs which contradicted his own: psychics, yogis, healers, hypnotists, Scientologists, doctors of Chinese medicine, New Age magazines, even Muslims and Boots the Chemists when Boots offered an alternative healthy remedy!  In the hundreds of complaint letters he sent in 2010 alone, nobody was spared.  Ron overloaded the advertising authorities so much that they told him to stop wasting their time, or so I heard.  Two odd things stood out about Ron’s website. Firstly, I gather that he has never tried the services of any person or organisation about whom he has complained: he was certainly never a client of mine. Secondly, his site prominently displays “testimonials” like the trimmed extracts below:


"Ron is a very angry bitter and nasty person who projects all his hurt and abuse on other people. I feel sorry for the boy and will pray for him… He is very lonely." "Ron Lewis you've proved your point - you are a poor excuse for a human being. You sound so jealous in these poorly written complaints.'”


As Ron displays these quotes on each page of his site like a badge of honour, I assume they are a true reflection of his personality and motivations.  As my advertising from mid-June 2015 raises the profile of my brand new websites I expect they will help to push Ron’s inactive site down the search list until it disappears from view.  

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