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About me: I started working as a mystic in the 1980s during my teens and quickly accumulated a loyal following of clients by advertising in the original Prediction Magazine.  (At times I have also worked as a model, doing respectable photos only – usually with a corporate or medical theme.)  Over the decades I have had thousands of customers and enquirers with many regulars who have gladly sent for plenty of readings, spells and talismans. 


I am the most powerful and far-seeing mage currently practicing commercial occultism, trained in the ways of Jewish mysticism since early childhood.  I am also the daughter of the Rabbi Ben Haim Gold and a member of the legendary House of Gold, one of the most ancient and prestigious Jewish families in the highest ranks of the mages of the Qabbalah. You may have heard of this legendary system of magic, an integral part of the Right-Hand Path which invokes the power of God reflected through His angels as the golden rays of the Sun are reflected from the silvered surface of the Moon. 


The night I became an Adept of this path the Archangel Gabriel himself came to me in a vision and revealed unto me a system of magic far simpler and more accessible, yet also more potent than anything described in Qabbalistic lore.  It was based on a form of angelic alphabet rather like ornamental Hebrew which could be incorporated into a sequence of 64 Magic Squares which I call ANGEL SPELLS.  These 64 spells form one of the most comprehensive systems of magic ever created.  Each of these squares serves as a message from yourself to a particular Archangel (such as Michael, Raphael and Uriel) to bring you whatever you desire.  Others have tried copying the spell format and style of presentation which I use, but my own system of magic has never been bettered.



Your Guide to the Fifteen Archangels invoked in Angel Magic


Twelve of the fifteen Archangels described in these pages are Ruling Angels who are linked to you through your date of birth and the zodiacal sign ruling on that day.  This means that you are attuned to the vibration of one of these angels and that his cosmic influence will figure strongly in your life and in the lives of all the other people who share this sign with you. 


Your Ruling Angel should not be confused with your Guardian Angel whom is assigned to you from the moment you are born and whom is unique to you alone.  Your Guardian Angel is your celestial protective spirit but is not your Spirit Guide.  Spirit Guides are departed souls who may have been among your loved ones in a previous lifetime: they are beneficent but not angelic in nature.  The fifteen Archangels in this system are as follows: 


1. SACHIEL: The Ruling Angel for all those born under the zodiacal sign of Sagittarius, associated with the colours purple and dark blue and the planet Jupiter.  This Angel of Abundance, whose name means covering of God, is a plump and jolly character, bald and sporting golden earrings - rather like a Buddha with purple robe and deep blue wings.  To his petitioners he confers wealth, love, career success and good luck, making him the most popular of all Archangels where ritual magicians are concerned. 


2. ANAEL: The Ruling Angel for all those born under the zodiacal sign of Taurus, associated with the colour green and the planet Venus.  Anael grants petitioners beauty in all its forms. Historically he is also connected with love and sexuality (and thus with the Greek god Eros), although these things fall within the provinces of other angels for the purpose of this magical system.  You may envision Anael, whose name means beauty of God, as a handsome semi-androgynous figure, rather like a male ballet dancer with olive-green wings. He is sensuous,  gentle, expressive, artistic, sensitive and compassionate. 


3. MICHAEL: The Ruling Angel for all those born under the zodiacal sign of Leo, associated with the colours gold, orange and red, the Element of Fire and the Sun. All the ancient texts agree that Michael, whose name means who is as God, is the greatest of all the Celestial Host.  He is the guardian of the newly dead soul on whose behalf he will fight the demonic hordes.  He is often depicted holding a pair of scales for the weighing of the soul, like Anubis his counterpart in the Egyptian pantheon of gods.


Michael is tall and muscular with flaming golden-orange hair, copper-coloured skin and eyes which glow fiercely like blazing coals.  He wears an ornamentally decorated golden breastplate with a short crimson skirt, a heavy golden shortsword and polished brass greaves (shin armour) like a Roman Centurion. The heroic warrior Michael has huge wings, iridescent emerald-green with the pattern of a peacocks tail feathers.  Despite his fierce appearance Michael is renowned for being patient, level-headed and often merciful. To his petitioners he confers happiness, popularity, talent and fortitude.


4. SAMAEL: The Ruling Angel for all those born under the zodiacal sign of Aries, associated with all the shades of red and the planet Mars, Samaels name means severity of God.  He is like a younger, smaller, more impulsive version of Michael: a warrior-angel with blood-red hair, scarlet attire, crimson wings and a sword with a blade that bursts into flames when unsheathed, identifying him with the Roman god Mars.  However he is more than the hothead of the Celestial Host as some occultist scholars have styled him. Samael can grant his petitioners enhanced boldness, courage, assertiveness, persuasiveness and some other powerful qualities to help them overcome obstacles to their success.  


5. TSADKIEL: His name means justice of God for it is his mission to help people triumph over injustice, punish wrongdoers, grant recognition to the deserving and promote freedom and liberty for all.  Imagine him as Sir Lancelot with pure white wings: a blond, blue-eyed, muscular, square-jawed warrior in shining lightweight silver armour which encases his body completely from below the neck. 


This airborne knight wields a slender lance and a three-sided shield bearing his motif of two silver broadswords crossed against a circular sky-blue background. Tsadkiel (the T is silent) is blessed with most of the might of Michael, the courage of Samael, the wisdom of Sophia, the generosity of Sachiel, the beauty of Anael and the formidable moral strength of Azrael.  Tsadkiel is not assigned to any celestial sphere (and hence, no zodiacal sign or colour either) because there are far more angels than planets.


6. ISRAFEL: Whilst Israfel is not explicitly mentioned by name in the Koran, he is generally acknowledged by Islamic scholars (along with Michael, Gabriel and Azrael) in their legends. He is the burning one, the angel of resurrection and song reputed to have the sweetest voice of all Gods creatures who will blow the trumpet on Judgement Day.  For three years Israfel served as companion to Mohammed whom he initiated in the work of a prophet until Gabriel took over that role. Like Tsadkiel and Raziel, Israfel is not a zodiacal angel.  To his petitioners he will grant enhanced self-confidence, self-esteem, self-image and charisma.  He resembles a bearded Arab in a pure white robe with pearlescent white wings.


7. CASSIEL: The Ruling Angel for all those born under the zodiacal sign of Capricorn, associated with the colours brown, grey and black and the planet Saturn, Cassiels name means compassion of God.  He is the angel of solitudes, tears, understanding, unity, temperance and moderation.  Cassiel is a rather melancholy angel resembling a monk with his hooded brown cassock and tonsured grey hair.  He is sympathetic to the problems of the common man, particularly domestic troubles which he helps petitioners to resolve.  Cassiel is identified with the Greek god Cronos and Old Father Time, partly because he bears an hourglass representing the lifespan of an individual.  


8. SOPHIA: The Ruling Angel for all those born under the zodiacal sign of Virgo, associated with the Earth and earthy brown hues,  Sophias name simply means wisdom.  Whilst many archangels appear androgynous in their beauty, Sophia is the only one covered by this system of Angel Magic who is positively female. She appears as an archetype similar to the Virgin Mary with russet-brown hair, hazel eyes, a white veil, a rose-coloured robe and beautiful soft red wings.  Her symbols are the dove, the tree and the chalice.  Sophia is identified with the Egyptian goddess Isis and the Greco-Roman deities Athene, goddess of wisdom and Gaia, also known as Mother Earth.  


Jewish literature tells of her role as Gods co-creator who reaches out from one end of the Earth to the other and orders all things well Herself unchanging, she makes all things anew.  Although Sophia is an important figure in biblical lore, male scholars tried to ignore her for centuries. In our modern age in which sexual equality is promoted throughout most of the Western world, Sophia is being rediscovered by feminists and free thinkers.  Her agenda is to empower women, spread knowledge and encourage those who petition her to pursue their goals in a dynamic, decisive and direct manner. 


9. RAPHAEL: The Ruling Angel for all those born under the zodiacal sign of Gemini, associated with the planet Mercury, the colour yellow and the Element of Air, Raphaels  name means God has healed.  He is the Archangel of Healing and Empathy who cured Tobias of blindness in the Apocrypha.  The flashy Raphael is the angelic equivalent of the Greek god Hermes with whom he shares powers including super-speed and the caduceus symbol of two snakes entwined around a staff, which has come to represent the medical profession.  He is the Personification of Splendour and one of the most important and famous members of the Celestial Host.


Raphael is also the angel most concerned with saving Earths environment from destruction, for it was written by Rabbi Abba in the Zohar: Raphael is charged to heal the Earth, and through himthe Earth furnishes an abode for Man, whom he also heals of his maladies.  Thus Raphael heals the mind, body and spirit of all those who petition him and brings them peace of mind. You may envision him in the classical image of an angel as revealed in the paintings of Titian and Rembrandt, garbed in short robes of yellow, orange and gold.  Raphael looks rather androgynous with shoulder-length curly blond hair and an expression of tranquillity, love and understanding on his beautiful face. He is the friendliest and most humourous of the Archangels and likes to chat with unsuspecting humans while in mortal guise.   


10. URIEL: The Ruling Angel for all those born under the zodiacal sign of Aquarius (like myself!), associated with the planet Uranus, the Element of Air and every colour in the rainbow, Uriels  name means fire of God which reflects his rather stern and uncompromising nature.  Traditionally the wrathful enforcer of Gods will, Uriel is now closely associated with learning and enhancement of the mind.  It was he who gave the secrets of Alchemy and the Qaballah to man.  Uriel is the divine inspirer of humanity, particularly where technology is concerned.  He is associated with electricity and bears the title Master of the Thunderbolt.   He appears as a mature and brawny man in a many-coloured robe with flowing silver hair, violet eyes and a planetary symbol glowing on his forehead.  In one hand he wields a glittering sword: in the other he holds the Keys of Knowledge. 


11. METATRON: The Ruling Angel for all those born under the zodiacal sign of Libra, Metatron is associated with the planet Venus (like Anael) but connected with the colours rose pink and royal blue rather than green.  His name is derived from the Latin metator meaning guide or measurer.   Metatron is the Scribe of God and is identified with the Egyptian god Thoth who was the Celestial Scribe to Ra.  He records all that happens on Earth in the Akashic Chronicles, aided by a host of lesser recording angels.  As Chancellor of Heaven he is one of the most important Archangels, particularly where occultists are concerned.  


Metatron is the main link between the human and the divine and is also the teacher of prematurely dead children in Heaven.  Although Jewish scholars tend to play down Metatrons mortal origins he was once the patriarch Enoch before being made an angel, and led the children of Israel through the wilderness after the Exodus.  At eight feet high he is one of the very tallest angels and resembles a classical Greek god or hero like Hercules with his muscular physique, curly brown hair, full beard and shining omniscient eyes.  Metatron has an unpredictable personality: he is generally wise and magnanimous but he has a quick temper.  In this system of Angel Magic he is petitioned to resolve karmic problems and remove evil forces or protect against them.


12. ASARIEL: The Ruling Angel for all those born under the zodiacal sign of Pisces, associated with the planet Neptune and the colours sea-green and mauve.   Neptune is regarded in occult lore as the planet of dreams, illusions and the unconscious mind, thus identifying Asariel with Hypnus the Greek God of Sleep.   This cosmic angel bears the title Ruler of the Astral Realms beyond the Stars of Heaven.  Asariels name means whom God has bound, ie, by an oath. 


This serene, kindly, all-seeing angel is petitioned for personal growth, for example, to attain self-knowledge and perceptiveness.  You may envision him as a naked, translucent angel with all the chakras (energy centres) of his body glowing vividly in different colours through his glassy skin.  Asariel is typically seated cross-legged in the lotus position like a yogi.  His two normal eyes are often closed in meditation while his third eye is wide open, signifying higher consciousness. 


13. AZRAEL: This intimidating immortal is the Ruling Angel for all those born under the zodiacal sign of Scorpio and is associated with the colours black, grey and red and the Element of Void. Azrael is also linked to the remote celestial sphere of Pluto which still counts as a planet in this system of Angel Magic, regardless of what modern astronomers might say! 


This dark angel, whose name means whom God helps, is one of the most interesting and unusual members of the Celestial Host.  He is tall and thin with a long triangular face framed by short black hair, swept back from his widows peak into two hornlike points at the side of his head.  Azrael has pointed ears, permanently arched eyebrows, eyes like black flints, a beaklike nose, prominent cheekbones, thin lips and a narrow chin, all features which make him appear aloof and severe. His wings are raven-black with jagged feathers: his costume is black and grey with purple trim, with the tunic fastened by a silver skull-shaped clasp on his chest. 


Despite his role as the Angel of Death and his forbidding appearance (which has been compared to every mythic or gothic image from Count Dracula to Batman), Azrael is not at all evil.  Unlike the fallen angels like Lucifer who were transformed into demons aeons ago, he is driven by an incorruptible sense of morality. Azrael is identified with the Greek god Thanatos or the Grim Reaper with his silver scythe and pale horse, and is appointed by God to separate the soul from the body at the moment of death.  He is destined to be one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.  Until that time he can be petitioned for all matters relating to the dead, such as contacting spirit guides and guardian angels.


14. GABRIEL: The Ruling Angel for all those born under the zodiacal sign of Cancer, Gabriel is associated with the Element of Water, the moon and the lunar colours of silver and pale blue.  His name means God is my strength and he is acknowledged as one of the very highest-ranking angels in both Judeo-Christian and Islamic lore. Gabriels closest equivalent in the classical pantheons is the Egyptian moon-god Khonsu the Wanderer.  


He is the angel of annunciation, resurrection, truth and mercy.  Gabriels power is invoked in this system of magic to help petitioners develop basic psychic powers like telepathy and healing.  Gabriel dictated the Koran to Mohammed and explained this system of Angel Magic to myself.  As the most prolific messenger of all the angels, Gabriel appeared to convey Gods word to many important figures from the Virgin Mary to Joan of Arc, shaping the course of history.


He is also the chief of the angelic guards placed over Paradise, although his most important function is to launch the soul into the body at the moment of birth.   Gabriel appears as a sparkling figure every bit as androgynous as Anael and Raphael, with reddish-blond tresses and rather smooth features accented by pale brows. His young wise face shines with an inner light.  This Lunar Angel wears the curved crescent horns of the waxing moon on his brow, and is clad in a cloak which reflects like pure mother-of-pearl or crystal glass.  He has turquoise wings and a matching robe with a belt of purest silver.   


15. RAZIEL: he whose name means secret of God, the Angel of Mysteries and Master of the Hidden Regions.  He is the author of the legendary Book of the Angel Raziel wherein all celestial and earthly knowledge is set down.  It is said that this tome was given by Raziel to Adam, but other angels stole it out of envy and cast it into the sea.  God then ordered Rahab the primordial sea-angel to retrieve it for Adam.  Eventually this  book came into the possession of Enoch, who incorporated it into his own Book of Enoch: then to Noah, who in studying this work learned how to build the Ark: and ultimately to King Solomon, granting him much of his famed knowledge and magical power. Raziel is not a Zodiacal Angel.  He is chief of the Ophanim (Thrones), a non-humanoid class of angel described in Ezekiel 1:13-19 who resemble flying saucers and act as transportation. 


Raziels appearance is difficult to discern as his body perpetually generates the blinding golden light of knowledge which makes him hard to observe directly.  He is identified with the Greek sun-god Helios who also emanated dazzling energies. In the centre of this brilliant blaze, the form of a slim and graceful angel can be dimly perceived. Observers appear to see Raziel differently according to their culture, expectations and beliefs.  Various occultists across the ages have beheld him as the winged deities Khepera (the Egyptian scarab sun-god), Inanna the Sumerian Queen of Heaven and Earth, an Apsara of the Hindus, and in more recent times as an extra-terrestrial entity.


According to the Fifteenth Century French poet and mystic Vaulonne, Raziel speaks in musical tones: slow, cautious and measured, almost like several angels talking in unison.  He is always enigmatic and talks in riddles, the idea being that anyone who approached the core meaning of Raziels words directly would be as unbearably dazzled as if they had looked him straight in the eye.  Thus enlightenment can only be gained indirectly from Raziel by interpreting his metaphors. This mysterious angel is petitioned for the development of relatively advanced psychic powers such as astral travel and telekinesis.

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