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Angelica GoldMystic of the Angels

Harness the power of Angel Magic to revolutionise your life!

Gain wealth, love, health, success and happiness by invoking celestial forces!


Are you plagued by misfortune, unable to overcome the obstacles which block your path to success?  Do you wish to enhance your beauty, gain magical power and enlightenment, be protected from evil forces or enjoy LUCK IN LOTTERIES?  Angel Magic really works to help solve all your problems and enable you to fulfil your every desire, with SATISFACTION GUARANTEED OR YOUR MONEY BACK and angelic free gifts with every order!   


I am the most powerful and far-seeing mystic currently practicing commercial occultism, trained in the ways of Jewish mysticism since early childhood and advertising my magic for decades.  I am also a member of the House of Gold, one of the most ancient and prestigious Jewish families in the highest ranks of the mages of the QABBALAH.  You may have heard of this legendary system of magic, an integral part of the Right-Hand Path which invokes the power of God reflected through His angels as the golden rays of the Sun are reflected from the silvered surface of the Moon. 


The night I became an Adept of this path the Archangel Gabriel himself came to me in a vision and revealed unto me a system of magic far simpler and more accessible, yet also more potent than anything described in Qabbalistic lore.  It was based on a form of angelic alphabet rather like ornamental Hebrew which could be incorporated into a sequence of 64 Magic Squares which I call ANGEL SPELLS.  These 64 spells form one of the most comprehensive systems of magic ever created.  Each of these squares serves as a message from yourself to a particular Archangel (such as Michael, Raphael and Uriel) to bring you whatever you desire.  Others have tried copying the spell format and style of presentation which I use, but my own system of magic has never been bettered.


All of these spells are 100% SAFE and are supplied with full instructions (complete with truly fascinating details of the Archangels and how to petition them) so that they are easy to use and no previous experience of magic is necessary: you do not even need to understand the words of the message they convey.  You need not fear that you might be meddling with unnatural forces which you cannot control, or unleashing energies which could turn against you or manifest negative results. 


Angel Magic (which works for anyone regardless of their religious beliefs) is the highest, purest and most natural form of holy mysticism there is: it has nothing whatsoever to do with the darkest aspects of the occult such as voodoo.  To practice Angel Magic is to contact the Celestial Host and thus become closer to God.  My good works are endorsed by God Himself - for He would clearly not permit His Archangels to assist me if He did not approve of my magic. 


Over the years I have received countless enthusiastic TESTIMONIALS that these spells work beyond ones highest expectations, some of which feature on this website.  I am so confident of success that I offer my clients a MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE that my spells will work.  God did not put us on this Earth to suffer.  There is nothing wrong with enjoying an abundance of wealth, luck, health, love, success and happiness in this life: on the contrary, joy is the birthright to all people of good heart. 


You have endured much and your time of fulfilment is long overdue!  You may write to me in complete confidentiality.  I will be pleased to answer any questions you wish to ask, so do not be afraid to do so.  Once you contact me I will recommend the Angel Spells or talismans best suited for yourself and will make you an offer at a very reasonable price, with a range of convenient payment options. 


I can also provide accurate readings such as a forecast on your future and details of your  past lives, soul-mate, spirit guides or any guidance you require. I also compose readings on your personal Guardian Angel and your zodiacal Ruling Angel who corresponds to your birthsign and influences your life astrologically. Even if you are not enquiring about one of these readings I would still like you to provide your full name, any other names by which you have been known, your date and place of birth if known and your full postal address with postcode.


Also kindly let me know how you heard about myself, for example:  recommen-dation from a client/advert in a magazine/Google search. I need these basic details to gain some insight into yourself. Email me on

– you can click on the Contact Us page of this website and insert your email in the message box.  If you prefer then write to me at: Angelica Gold C/O 121 Como Road, Forest Hill, London, SE23 2JN.   No visitors, please, as this is just an office which redirects mail to myself.


Contact me NOW and I will send you a selection of beautiful ANGELIC FREE GIFTS with your first order!  These include beautiful pictures of angels. The more spells and readings you send for, the more gifts you shall receive!


Celestial Blessings,




The time for you to live a life of abundance has come at last. Seize this golden opportunity with both hands! 

Angelica Gold

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